Plastics & Additives

It’s impossible to imagine modern life without the use of plastics. Luckily, we have the raw materials and additives needed for their successful production.

To the plastics industry, we supply thermoplastics for the manufacture of automotive components and for use in medical technology and the packaging industry. In addition to the extensive portfolio of technical and commodity plastics we offer, we are always happy to advise you on any number of specialty chemicals.

Functional additives play an important role within the PVC, plastics and textile industries. They are used as processing aids to improve mechanical properties or to give a distinctive appearance to finished parts. Our long-term ties to suppliers all over the world make us an indispensable sales partner with regard to this particular kind of raw and auxiliary material.

In order to make everyday life safer, we offer a variety of flame retardants, fire-barrier additives and synergistic products for plastics and coatings, placing a strong focus on halogen-free systems. We also keep an eye on changing market requirements and legislation.